Does CBD Oil Work for Menstrual Pain?


Does CBD Oil Work for Menstrual Pain?

Ever wondered if there is any medicine available that would help you with your menstrual cycle trauma and won’t leave any harm on your body?

Cannabidiol is a common component of the popularly known cannabis plant. It is clinically proven that CBD may be able to help you with your menstruation. Many women have confirmed that CBD can help relieve the discomfort that is familiar once a month. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) is experienced by some 75% of menstruating women every month, and the range of signs it incorporates can stretch far and wide.

Muscle Relaxant for Painful Period Cramps (CBD oil for Menstrual Cramps)

Menstrual cramps are the most common trait women experience during their period cycle. However, for some women, the pain isn’t that hard to bear, and for some women, the cramps’ pain gets unbearable that it makes them sick and sticky to bed. 

Cramps happen when hormones stimulate muscle contractions within the uterus. These abbreviations restrain blood flow to the lining of the uterus, resulting in the pain approximately 90% of women experience each month. The solution to overcome cramps – merely relaxing the uterine muscles.

The answer is CBD. 

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid is used as a muscle relaxant. Also, it can do wonders to relieve even the most severe crises of period cramps. CBD-instilled creams and remedies can be applied topically and perform to work quickly to ease the pain. Apply a CBD topical to the troubled area on the abdomen, and instantly you may notice your cramps begin to melt away.

Ease Pain and General Discomfort

Mostly, with some ladies, lower back pain appears every month as a sign to tell periods are arriving anytime soon. For some, intense headaches or breast tenderness signify that their monthly cycle is about to start. This pain and distress can last for the entire period each month.

Here is where CBD comes in. In a research report examining the use of CBD for chronic pain, researchers found that patients who were treated with cannabis or cannabinoids experienced a significant reduction in pain symptoms. Women looking to relieve pain symptoms correlated with their period are finding CBD offers the relief they need when they need it. What’s more, is there are little adverse side effects. Taking CBD at the initial signs of PMS and throughout the menstrual cycle can help ease the pain and discomfort many women experiences when on their period.

Manage Those Mood Swings

Do you encounter anxiety and depression during your cycle? Or find yourself in anguish one moment and crying the next? These are all signs of mood swings that happen during menstruation. Countless women experience a wide range of emotional ups and downs during their cycle. CBD can act as a perfect solution. Known to help alleviate depression, fight anxiety, and balance the mood swings, CBD can help you manage those mood swings so you can manage your life in a better manner when your menstrual cycle is making you feel like on the edge of survival.

Research shows that CBD has both an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and antidepressant properties. There are plenty of women who undergo mood swings during their menstrual cycle. CBD could help induce a sense of calm along with that it would ease the anxiety and depression they feel.


If you’re one of the countless ladies who experience physical and psychological discomfort during the menstrual cycle, you must be aware of the uncomfortable outcomes. This is sure that no woman wants to spend 1-2 weeks out of each month dealing with unnecessary distress.

If you’re a woman looking for relief for such pain, optimum use of CBD oil could be your friend in the rescue, which eventually can beat anxiety, control erratic mood swings, and of- course help you get rid of period cramps. Just the way your chocolate works or maybe better than that.


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