About Us

About us

The new-age women have broken every barrier placed on them by a conservative society.

Juggling so many tasks at once can be tough on anyone.


Women have unique body chemistry and unique health needs. Be it daily stress & anxiety, PMS, Menstrual issues, or Post-menopause troubles, no day is an uneventful occasion.


Women.co is dedicated to introducing balance in the hectic lives of females all across America. Most of the available CBD brands use the same ingredients for every gender, which is not of much help to you. You want products to complement your daily needs. Women.co brings premium CBD oils formulated, keeping in mind your body.

Our Mission

At Women.co, our mission is to create innovative products that will adequately serve feminine needs. We aim to empower women to be the best version of themselves.

We believe that with products formulated especially for your body and your needs, plus a supportive community of extraordinary female leaders, we might be able to do that.

Ready to start growing with us?

We are looking for Female Entrepreneurs and Influencers.